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Informational page of terms / glossary

Hair loss is part of the body’s natural renewal process and happens to everyone. When substantial hair loss occurs, it is not pleasant and can be disturbing. Hair Response can help you with any kind of hair loss you might experience. To better understand hair loss and what causes it, here is a brief glossary of terms commonly associated with hair loss and its causes:

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that frequently causes hair loss. Although only less than two percent of the world’s population is affected, Alopecia Areata frequently is noticed first when round patches of hair begin to fall out suddenly. This is due to the immune system attacking the hair growth tissues.
This male pattern baldness accounts for more than 98 percent of all male hair loss. It is called androgentic due to the male hormones and male genetics prevalent in this kind of baldness.
This term refers to someone who has lost some or all of his/her hair.
Cancer is a disease involving abormal cell growth and their subsequent uncontrolled division of cells as they invade and frequently destroy surrounding tissue. Undetected and untreated, cancer can spread throughout the system. It is most treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy involves the treatment or prevention of disease using chemicals. These chemicals kill all fast growing cells; hair is one of those kinds of cells. This is why people experience hair loss while undergoing treatments.
A cranial prosthetic is like wearing any other false appendage, however this is hair. it is ordered or custom fitted to your needs and lifestyle and can be adjusted by Hair Response professionals at any time.
A woman can experience baldness much like a man. In fact, approximately 50 percent of all women have some degree of permanent or temporary hair loss.
Most people lose 50 to 100 hairs a day but most are replaced with new ones. However, hair loss and baldness affects approximately 20 million women and 40 million men. It does not have to be a catastrophe. Hair Response can provide assistance and advice.
A variety of options are available in terms of hair replacement. These include prosthetics, attachments and myriad styles of head coverings.
Androgenetic -- or male pattern -- hair loss is normally noticed first when the hairline begins to recede on top of the head. It is merely a side effect of being male and having a genetic predisposition for baldness. However, there are solutions to ease the emotional discomfort of this condition.
Radiation therapy aims to completely cure the disease rather than target symptoms. In doing so, it frequently kills all cells in its path, including the hair cells. This is why people experience hair loss while undergoing treatments.
Thinning hair is a common symptom of aging. There are treatments that can diminish the effects of this condition.

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