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At Hair Response, we provide many different varieties of wigs and cranial prosthetics to meet the needs of women, children and men who require sensitive solutions for hair loss. Education is an important part of the selection process in order to choose the appropriate solution for individual life styles and needs.We believe in making sure that fit, style and other factors in selecting wigs and cranial prosthetics are considered in the decision making process so you feel comfortable with your choices for the long term.

Among the choices available to those who need wigs and cranial prosthetics for hair loss are:

Pre-custom Prostheses
These pre-custom prostheses are handmade products that have the same qualities as full custom prostheses, however they are mass produced in a variety of sizes and are made from both human and synthetic hair. Pre-custom prostheses come unstyled in both long and short lengths and are available in a variety of colors. By adding highlights or changing the wave pattern and by changing the cut and styling, pre-custom prostheses can be customized. These products also can be altered for individual tastes and needs.

Full Custom prostheses
Each full custom wig and cranial prosthetic is created from a mold and/or by taking head measurements from the individual who will wear it. Each section of the custom wig or cranial prosthetic is designed and built according to client preferences from conception to completion. This includes color, density and length to accommodate any combination of styles. Each piece is ordered and created specifically for a specific, individual client.

Machine Made Wigs
Machine made wigs are normally considered as a fashion item, but in recent years have been used as an alternative for hair loss solutions. They are available not only in synthetics but from human hair as well. These wigs come in a variety of colors and styles as well.

Vacuum Wigs
Soft based vacuum cranial prostheses for permanent hair loss are geared for those with Alopecia Areata and other forms of permanent, broad-spectrum hair loss. These wigs are the ultimate product to help change the lives of those who need a permanent solution and, since it needs no other form of attachment, it can even be worn in water while swimming.  Many of our clients have said this vacuum wig has provided them with a sense of freedom they have not known since they began to lose their hair. Made of only the highest quality human hair, the soft based vacuum cranial prostheses is extremely comfortable, beautifully crafted and natural looking.

Thinning hair can be a most unpleasant experience for both women and men. Integrated hair additions are frequently the best solution to this thinning hair problem. Hair integration for thinning hair is available in pre-custom, full custom and in combination partial designs. Your existing hair is integrated into these unique additions to add fullness, volume or length. Hair integrations are available in either human or synthetic hair and are extremely secure. They feature a wonderfully thin, flexible and virtually unbreakable cable system. Peak durability is achieved while providing a natural look. Integration is a fashionable and invisible alternative to wigs.

Alternatives are always handy to have on hand when you don’t want to wear your wig or hair addition. They are a convenient and comfortable solution when you would rather not wear your wig. Hair Response offers a broad selection of sleep caps, fashion wraps, sport caps, headbands with hair, add on bangs and scarves in a wide variety of colors and styles. Many are exclusively designed and handmade for Hair Response.


Hair Response offers a wonderful eyebrow stencil kit that is water resistant and is very user friendly. It gives a very natural look without having to use eyebrow pencil that smudges off or that gives the look of a line instead of a nice natural looking eyebrow. Several different shades are available to match up to your skin tone or color of hair. The kit has a brush, three stencils, and the makeup.

Hair Response offers human hair eyelashes that look very natural and are easy to put on. We can teach our clients how to put them on or if they need trimming we can do that as well. They come in black and brown.


Hair Extensions:
While there are many types of extensions, Hair Response only offers specific procedures that are not harmful to the hair. We meet one on one with the client to evaluate the hair loss or thinning, and to see how strong their hair is to determine if the hair can handle extensions. Not everyone is a candidate for extensions, and it's important to make sure that the right procedure is done. Extensions can add length, fullness, and texture and stay in until they are removed. It's a great way to be able to do a lot of things like swim, exercise, etc without having to wear a wig depending on the persons situation. Hair extensions are not an option for chemotherapy patients or Alopecia Areata clients with bald patches. We have to have hair to attach the hairpiece or hair extensions to.


Our hair replacement products and services fit every budget and lifestyle need and are provided in a compassionate, comfortable and welcoming environment.

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